The University of the Third Age, Adelaide, Inc Code of Conduct

U3A Adelaide expects that all members, tutors and other volun­teers will behave in a courteous and civilised manner in all dealings relevant to U3A Adelaide. As a member of U3A Adelaide, you therefore agree to abide by this Code of Conduct by:

  • Participating in U3A Adelaide activ­ities in a friendly and positive way at all times.
  • Being honest and ethical in all dealings with U3A Adelaide.
  • Showing respect, courtesy and consid­er­a­tion to everyone you deal with in U3A Adelaide and the general public in relation to our activities.
  • Being punctual and reliable in attending U3A Adelaide classes/events/office rosters or other commit­ments; and fore­warning of unavoid­able absences, with­drawals from classes and events.
  • Observing strict confid­en­ti­ality regarding organ­isa­tional and members’ personal inform­a­tion to which you may have access.
  • Avoiding all forms of discrim­in­atory behaviour in regard to nation­ality, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, culture, religion, age and mental or physical ability.
  • Not engaging in behaviour that is inap­pro­priate, disruptive or intim­id­ating, as would breach the rights of other persons to parti­cipate in a class/event or to carry out their desig­nated role.
  • Preserving the wellbeing and safety of members, tutors and presenters, office staff, committee and working group members by:
    • Participating safely in each class or activity, and abiding by all reas­on­able direct­ives or prerequis­ites specified by the tutor or group leader for that participation;
    • Refraining from activ­ities or comments that would place others in a vulner­able situation;
    • Not causing any wilful damage to U3A Adelaide premises, materials, facil­ities, or equipment.
  • Promoting U3A Adelaide in a positive way.
  • Abiding by this Code of Conduct and all other U3A Adelaide published policies and proced­ures, in partic­ular, and without limiting the gener­ality of this clause, any require­ments promul­gated on behalf of the Board relating to matters of health and safety (eg COVID-19) or U3A processes and proced­ures (eg the arrange­ment of furniture in rooms).