The University of the Third Age is an inter­na­tional self-help movement whose aim is the education and stim­u­la­tion of mainly retired members of the community. See About.

Welcome to the new-look U3A website

This new website contains almost the same inform­a­tion as the old site, but has a simpli­fied menu. We are keen to get feedback on how it is working. Please let the Web Manager, John Travers know of any problems and sugges­tions for improve­ment. The new site will soon be greatly enhanced by the launch of a new Membership Management System

New Membership Management System

The manage­ment system will work within this website. It has been developed specific­ally for U3As and is used widely inter­state. It is currently being set up. Some menu items will be inactive until the new system is oper­a­tional. When ready (in the next month or two) it will provide new online access for members including:

  • course listing and course timetable (in addition to the Course Newsletter)
  • enrolment for courses (in addition to current enrolment methods)
  • updating member­ship details
  • new member and existing member enrol­ments and payment
  • tutor course submis­sions.

From the President

Jim Wilson July 2019

Hello everyone. I trust that you have been able to keep warm and dry during this (for us) very cold, wet and windy period!

Some of our classes have had a couple of weeks’ break during the school holiday period whilst others have continued. Either way, I hope that you are ready to go for our next U3A session.

The Board agreed at its last meeting to proceed with the new computer system

The Board agreed at its last meeting to proceed with the new computer system and we have allowed suffi­cient time to get it set up and “practised” on before going live. Just as well, because there have been teething problems from the supplier in getting us up and running. We are expecting to have it ready for testing by the time you read this news­letter.

Do you have some exper­i­ence in Book-keeping or Accounting and are willing to offer some time to Adelaide U3A to assist with their financial recording?

We are moving toward a new, simpler method of accounting during this year and this is a great oppor­tunity to get in on the ground floor to see and under­stand how the new system will assist all members with their financial trans­ac­tions with the office. It will also be a great oppor­tunity to work alongside the current Treasurer to ease in to the position.

If you are able, or know of someone who may be able to assist, please contact the office and they will pass on the details to me.

I am looking forward to checking out the list of classes available for this next period – I hope that you are, too! Many thanks to Sue Garforth and her wonderful team of volun­teers for organ­ising our programme.

Enjoy your U3A