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August course update now available in Newsletters

AGM booking request- 2pm August 13

Click jtravers@gmail.com  to send an email request for a booking at the AGM via Zoom on August 13th. Please include ‘AGM’ in the subject. You will receive an acknow­ledge­ment for your booking. If you are new to Zoom, mention that you would like help prior to the meeting. We previ­ously said that this would be in Webinar format, but have decided to use a regular Zoom format instead because it saves some cost and we will be able to see all our lovely faces. Chat (text) questions and comments will be welcome during the meeting. 

This latest bulletin from U3A Australia reports on how member organ­isa­tions have managed the shutdown. (19 pages)

Maybe recent events have made you think about how secure you email is. See the latest article in Learning Stories. Comments are welcome.