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October courses now in Newsletters

For details of times and dates see the October updated course list, and for more
details of course content visit the “Courses” page.

Due to both (well earned) retire­ments, and the Covid Crisis, we are in urgent need of more Office Volunteers. At present we are only able to open eight days per fortnight instead of ten. In other words we are operating at 80% capacity. To fix this and enable us to offer more courses, we need new recruits to the office.

No prior exper­i­ence is required. New volun­teers are never expected to work alone. They are always paired with an exper­i­enced person, and full on the job training is given. A friendly person­ality and a will­ing­ness to ‘give it a go’ are all that is needed. The office operates on two half day shifts – a morning shift and an afternoon one.

Some people do only one shift per fortnight, others choose to do more. If you travel by car you will be given a permit to park behind the building (so no need to move cars to dodge the traffic wardens). If you would like to help, please just phone the office, and expect to be welcomed with open arms!

The graphic above is a Word Cloud, where the frequency of words in a list is reflected in the size of the word. This is a list of courses and topics at U3A. For more see Learning Stories.