COVID Policy Update 

Nov 2022
The Board has decided that, consistent with practice across the community, the require­ment for people attending at the Box Factory to be vaccin­ated will no longer apply from 1 January 2023. In taking this decision, the Board draws the attention of members to the advice from govern­ment health officers that vaccin­a­tion is strongly recom­mended; for our members this will generally mean that four doses are received. While vaccin­a­tion cannot guarantee protec­tion from contracting COVID, it is clear that it can reduce the impact of the disease if you do catch it.
The Board has also reit­er­ated an earlier decision that mask-wearing is no longer mandatory.
Again, members should consider their own circum­stances when deciding whether or not to wear a mask. Factors to consider are the ability to maintain a social distance, the level of ventilation/air low at locations where you are, and consid­er­a­tion of the needs of others.
Finally, please do not attend courses if you are feeling unwell, partic­u­larly if you have any flu-like symptoms.

Welcome to U3A Adelaide

The U3A is an inter­na­tional volunteer organ­isa­tion providing educa­tional, creative and leisure oppor­tun­ities for people over 50 who are no longer in full-time employ­ment. U3A Adelaide, located at the Box Factory, 59 Regent Street South, Adelaide, is one of some 21 inde­pendent U3A campuses in South Australia. 

Our organ­isa­tion is run entirely by volun­teers, utilising the knowledge, exper­i­ence and skills of its members. We make new friends, learn from each other and share exper­i­ences in a relaxed, social environment. 

With about 700 members and around 70 courses, members can choose from a wide range of classes and social activ­ities. Our courses include languages, liter­ature, music, philo­sophy, art, exercise and excur­sions. You can peruse the list of Courses before becoming a member. 

If you are inter­ested in joining U3A Adelaide have a look at our About Membership page, where you can see details of our Membership Fees. 

There is a User Guide to help you use our member­ship admin­is­tra­tion system.

Here is our current Course Newsletter.