Website Update

We have updated the website. The first three menu headings, Membership, Courses and Tutors are the main gateways. If you hover your cursor over each you will see what the menu has to offer. For detail, see the new User Guide


Mini-newsletter Corrections

  1. Aug 2 The Spiceries course has been postponed, with the new start date to be Wednesday, 14 September.  It will still run for 3 weeks, 2.00–3.30pm.
  2. Jul 29 Correction to dates for the Film Biography course in Session 3, commences Monday, 1 August at 9.45am and ends 21 November. 

Welcome to U3A Adelaide

The U3A is an inter­na­tional volunteer organ­isa­tion providing educa­tional, creative and leisure oppor­tun­ities for people over 50 who are no longer in full-time employ­ment. U3A Adelaide, located at the Box Factory, 59 Regent Street South, Adelaide, is one of some 21 inde­pendent U3A campuses in South Australia. 

Our organ­isa­tion is run entirely by volun­teers, utilising the knowledge, exper­i­ence and skills of its members. We make new friends, learn from each other and share exper­i­ences in a relaxed, social environment. 

With about 700 members and around 70 courses, members can choose from a wide range of classes and social activ­ities. Our courses include languages, liter­ature, music, philo­sophy, art, exercise and excur­sions. You can peruse the list of Courses before becoming a member. 

If you are inter­ested in joining U3A Adelaide have a look at our About Membership page, where you can see details of our Membership Fees. 

There is a User Guide to help you use our member­ship admin­is­tra­tion system.

Here is our current Course Newsletter.

Members can only attend face-to-face classes if fully vaccin­ated against COVID-19 and wearing a mask is strongly encour­aged. Proof of vaccin­a­tion is required of new members.