Newsletter Extra

The following are online courses added since the last Course Newsletter in April. Full details can be found in Courses, and in Class Notes. See Courses to enrol.

September update

New STEM Course 2020

Adelaide U3A continues to plan the details for a group for everyone (not just experts) inter­ested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Please note that the first meeting will not occur until First Term of 2021, and joining it should be like any other course offered by U3A Adelaide

Invitation: We are now inviting you to suggest a paper you are willing to give. Please note:
• Presentation should not more than 45–60 minutes, followed by questions & clari­fic­a­tions
• The paper should be descriptive and based on a human ‘story’
• It should entertain and offer good illus­tra­tions
• No special technical knowledge or qual­i­fic­a­tions should be assumed.

Other members may offer suggested topics that complying with the above
Do you want emails on our future activ­ities? Contacts: Tom Culshaw 0417 050 867 Tutor/Chair, Travis James 0409 612 896 Co-Chair

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy — Priscilla Jordan, from Aug 3 see Class Notes

An Exotic and Irrational Entertainment — Keith Hempton

Art with Apple Pencil - John Travers, see Class Notes

Armchair Circle Dancing — Lyn Porter, from 13/7/20, see Class Notes

Armchair Travel: Portugal — Marilyn Gibson

Beating the Drum — Kay Bennetts

Come Zoom with Me — Roger Bills

Free to Air Film Club — Judy Barrett

Internet in a Box — Shanti Bhardwa

French Conversation Laure Vincent-Allard, alternate weeks by zoom

Getting the most out of your iPad — John Travers, see Class Notes

Japanese Conversation — Gail Umehara, online, see Class Notes

Positive Psychology see Class Notes — Priscilla Jordan, see Class Notes

Manage Your Photo Collection — John Travers

National Theatre Dinner Club — Kay Bennetts

Netflix Film Club — Kay Bennetts

Reading for Enjoyment 1 — Kay Bennetts

Reading for Enjoyment 3 — Kay bennetts

Watercolour Affairs Laure Vince-Allard, alternate weeks by zoom