U3A members often discover remark­able links to internet inform­a­tion. This page is a space to share links that will be of interest to members.

Sometimes links will be related to courses in progress, that may be of interest to a wider audience. Links can be submitted to the Web Manager, John Travers [] and we will see if we can maintain a list of inspiring links in the spirt of U3A — ones that are educa­tional, stim­u­lating, thought provoking. There are millions of inter­esting web sites so choosing ones for this list will be biased towards local relevance. 

Wikipedia List of Lists There are thousands of lists in the Wikipedia and you can find most of them from here, from the List of Australian Films to the list of Aircraft from An to Az. (There are 251! )

Wikipedia List of Common Misconceptions An inter­esting list that everyone can find satis­fying debunking . Tip: for searching a long web page type Ctr or Com and F to search for a word. Try ‘Napoleon’ (miscon­cep­tion, that he was short).