Getting the most from your iPad

John Travers

The course of three one weekly sessions via Zoom is for people with some famili­arity with their iPad (and maybe iPhone) who would like to learn about a wider range uses. Summary notes will be published on this page for class members to refer to. Topics can be raised by class members and it is expected that members will practice new skills between sessions and sort out any problems at the (virtual) face to face meetings. 

Many of the topics apply equally to an iPhone. 


  • Control Centre, quick access
  • Photos: editing, sending, managing 
  • Searching, saving bookmarks, organ­ising sites
  • Word-processing: using Notes and Pages
  • Getting Apps: what’s available, choosing best ones
  • iCloud: Apple ID, backups, household sharing, how it works
  • Password manage­ment
  • Files: finding things, sorting, sharing
  • Ebooks and Audio-books
  • Maps
  • Podcasts
  • Music: sharing, storing, playing
  • Calendar and Contacts

And more, as the needs of the group lead us.