Art with Apple Pencil

This session is a one-off demon-stration of what can be done with digital art using an Apple Pencil on an Apple iPad. There is no date and time: these will be settled with those enrolled. See Courses to enrol.

I have no art training (as may be evident) but I have had a lot of enjoyment learning how to paint and draw using this very forgiving medium. The session might provoke interest in some members who might like to see the potential of digital art.

If the demon­stra­tion via Zoom sparks interest, follow-up sessions will be organised to show how one manages the extraordinary Procreate program and maybe lead some members to have a go themselves.

The following gallery shows some of the areas I have exper­i­mented in. All the new models of the iPad can use an apple pencil. The Apple Pencil can act as acts as any one of the hundreds of brushed of different types that are available. It is fun and there is no mess.

For those who haven’t used Zoom there will be an indi­vidual intro­duc­tion provided. 

John Travers

And some profes­sional work