About us

U3A is an inter­na­tional volunteer organ­isa­tion providing educa­tional, creative and leisure oppor­tun­ities in a friendly envir­on­ment for people over 50 who are no longer in full-time employ­ment. U3A Adelaide is a member organ­isa­tion of U3A South Australia (link below).

U3A is run entirely by volun­teers and draws on the knowledge, exper­i­ence and skills of its members to learn from each other and share exper­i­ences in a relaxed, social envir­on­ment. 

U3A South Australia

U3A South Australia was formed in 2006 and is the peak body repres­enting nineteen member organ­isa­tions across the state. Each U3A in South Australia is inde­pendent and run by an elected manage­ment committee of members. Everyone is encour­aged to contribute volun­tarily to the running of their local U3A to ensure it is an active and vibrant organ­isa­tion.