I think the Wikipedia is the greatest invention of the 21st Century, so far. This course is to explore that notion and to look into how the Wikipedia works and how it maintains a high repu­ta­tion for cred­ib­ility in a world awash with fake news. We will look at the editing function and give parti­cipants a chance to make their own edits, and explore what is involved in being a regular contrib­utor. If you would like more inform­a­tion, give me a call at 0427282748

John Travers

Course Resources


  1. How the Wikipedia began.
  2. It’s core prin­ciples. Have they stood the test of time?
  3. How easy it editing? The import­ance of referencing. 
  4. How editors build cred­ib­ility and how vandals are spotted.
  5. How easy is correc­tion, valid­ating inform­a­tion, discussing an issue?
  6. How reliable is the Wikipedia?
  7. How to quickly assess an article’s quality and believability

If you are inter­ested, you will be able to do some practice editing between sessions and then discuss how it went, ask questions and sort out problems.