How to setup a Travel Blog

… or a blog for any purpose.

This is a largely online course that you can take at your own pace. In addition to rich website support, with videos, detailed instruc­tions and examples to browse, you can email or discuss problems with me by phone. I have conducted a 90 min face to face version of this course twice at U3A and it was well attended and well received. Participants soon clicked on to the process. By deliv­ering the same inform­a­tion online parti­cipants will have an oppor­tunity to follow the step by step process over an extended time, manage one step before moving onto the next. They will be able to share their site with me and discuss any problems. The focus is on estab­lishing a Travel Blog because this is of interest to a lot of people, but it works equally well for anyone wanting to set up a website to support a hobby, support a club or whatever.

What qual­i­fic­a­tions are required? Reasonable confid­ence in using a computer and will­ing­ness to exper­i­ment. Travel blogs generally feature photos, so an interest in taking photos is valuable. Having an iPad or other tablet is useful for travel blogging. WordPress is the platform used which is one of the largest in the world and allows very attractive free designs.

There will be periodic sessions at U3A for those members who have done the tutorial to share their sites with others, get ideas and feedback and celebrate achieve­ment.

Why write a travel blog? It keeps your family and friends informed of your travels in an easy to absorb form. The blog becomes a great record for own use to look back at your travels over the years.

John Travers

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About blogs

A blog is a simple website with (generally) a simple structure. A basic one is free. All you need is internet access to manage one. A standard blog consists of a series of articles (posts) one after the other. It can also include a number of web pages. Apart from a travel record, a blog could be used to support a family reunion, share inform­a­tion about gardening, or publish a long awaited political manifesto!