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Membership (this is copy paste from Word)

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About member­ship (link to Membership page https://adelaideu3a.org.au

Guides for members (link to Guides for members Page https://adelaideu3a.org.au/membership/)

Member login (link to UMAS for Members page https://adelaideu3a.org.au/umas-for-members/)

How to join as a new member or Join us (link to Guides for Members page https://adelaideu3a.org.au/umas-for-members/)

Could be shortened to How to join

Admin only login (link to Core UMAS login https://adelaideu3a.org.au/members/massTemplate.php)


View courses (link toUMAS for Membership page https://adelaideu3a.org.au/umas-for-members/)

How to enrol in a course (link to Guides for Members page https://adelaideu3a.org.au/membership/))

Could be shortened to How to enrol.

There is already a page called member­ship (the Guides for Members page). John will have to create a new page for the member­ship info, hence the ???

If you copy the blue italic bits, right click in the address bar in your browser and use paste and go you can check that they go to the right pages.