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Meeting for Japanese Conversation as the group at U3A Adelaide had been doing every Wednesday afternoon is not going to be happening for a while yet, so the material that will gradually appear here is intended to keep our explor­a­tions of the Japanese language ticking over until we can meet again for conversations. 

We’ll start with some selec­tions of materials from the vast number of offerings online. Then, in the coming weeks there will be a series of guided conver­sa­tion ‘scripts’ to expand your reper­toire, and even some exercises to practice with. 

All questions and sugges­tions are not just welcome, but very much encour­aged. The plan is to make this as inter­active an under­taking as we can. You can observe it all silently, or send comments through this page or directly to my email.

Interesting Websites

The number of websites offering Japanese lessons is amazing. Some are fully-fledged commer­cial enter­prises, some are local or inter­na­tional enter­prises wanting to make a social contri­bu­tion, and some are simply random people who find it enter­taining to teach Japanese. Many of the lessons are offered as “free”, while others are plagued with all sorts of advertising. 

The quality of the material and the “teaching” ranges from useful and engaging to downright awful. Here are three sites that you you might find inter­esting, at least in some parts:


Perhaps, as practice, you could consider sending some comments on one or more or them—in Japanese if possible, or English. Here are some likely phrases:

The word lists are useful. 単語リストは役に立ちます。tango risuto wa yaku ni tachimasu.

They speak too quickly.


Lavender at Lake Kawaguchiko

It’s summer in Japan!

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