Managing your Photo Collection

This course is presented over Zoom* and will prepare you to integrate all your family photos into one collec­tion that can be viewed from multiple devices and shared with your family. It uses Apple photos and you will get the best exper­i­ence if you are an all Apple household. But you can achieve nearly all the benefits using a PC. 

Adding date and location to old photos

All your photos can be sorted by date and by location where they were taken. The class will show you how to make digital copies of your old photos then enter their approx­imate date and location. They can then be integ­rated into your collec­tion and be instantly searchable. 

The best device to view a photo collec­tion is probably an iPad because it has a large screen but is highly portable. Apple Photos relies on iCloud to store the photos and iCloud can be also accessed from a PC. Then, all the benefits of Apple photos can be exper­i­enced from all the iPhones and iPads in the household. 

Here is how it works… (2 min video)

Apple Photos: find your photos according to where they were taken!


If you haven’t used Zoom you will get a one-on-one tutorial in how to connect. Zoom will join the class members by video to see the demon­stra­tions and allow everyone to ask questions and comment. Between sessions class members will be able to get started in devel­oping their collection. 

Once members have enrolled, you will be contacted by email to find the most convenient times for the group to meet.

John Travers

Class Notes

iPad Metadata editing

alter date and location