Living Online

The time and date of the first meeting will agreed via email, once enrol­ments are suffi­cient for a first group. There may be just a one hour online meeting, but more may be decided.

The focus of this course is to build confid­ence, and therefore make it easier to learn, enjoy and explore 

Managing Zoom

This does not take long once you are invited to a session and come onboard. There are some options to discover and use, and I can share my screen and pages and give very clear demon­stra­tions. Once this is done, you will be able to run your own Zoom gath­er­ings, and invite a group of friends to talk and share online, free.

Managing Email

This will brush up your email skills so that you can send an email to a group, add images and other attach­ments, sort your email to delete and save what you choose, and find old emails. You will be able to send web links to others and troubleshoot when things go wrong.

Managing Images

This session demon­strates simple editing of images to make ordinary photos into good ones, and shows how to store and save your images in an orderly way.

Exploring the web (and the U3A website)

How to manage bookmarks, navigate, find your way around the web. Copying an address, under­standing where you are, copying from the web, sending material to friends, following your interests and sharing with confidence. 

John Travers