Class Notes

Armchair Circle Dancing1/7/20
Art History 31/5/21
At the Movies: 1 Gwenda 2 Steve18/1/21
Bushwalks 21/1/21
Bridge Beginner’s Group1/3/21
Circle Dancing2019
Digital Revolution9/4/21
For the Record3/4/21
Economics of Climate Change29/9/21
Film Biography28/6/21
French Perspective Francaise2019
Gallery Insights14/7//21
Live Theatre Lovers23/7/21
Meet the Neighbours18/9/21
Movie Nostalgia26/6/2021
Philosophy, An Interactive Course      21/11/19
Poetry Reading (2020)10/1/20
Positive Psychology9/2/21
Reading at Halifax 13/6/21
Reading at Halifax 23/6/21
Reading for Pleasure29/8/21/21
Shakespeare Play Reading18/3/20
Untangling the web with Kat Milner16/1/21
When Liners Ruled3/2/21

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