Class Notes

Tutors are welcome to send notes in support of their courses. Notes may be addi­tional inform­a­tion about a courses (in addition to the Course Newsletter descrip­tion) or notes to support a course in progress. There is no limit in length. Information can also be in be in web page format: just send the text and images. See below for further inform­a­tion.

Adventures in Film Music ReduxAdventures in Film Music
At the Movies: GwendaMovies: Gwenda
At the Movies: SteveMovies: Steve
Bushwalks Bushwalks
Bridge Beginner’s GroupBridge Beginner notes
Circle DancingCircle Dancing
For the RecordProgram 2020
French Perspective FrancaiseCourse Description
Gallery InsightsArt Gallery Notes
History of ArchitectureHistory Architecture
Movie NostalgiaMovie Nostalgia Notes
Philosophy, An Interactive Course      Interactive Philosophy (off site)
Poetry Reading (2020)Synopsis
Pleasure of ReadingPleasure Book Reviews
Reading at HalifaxHalifax Reading List
Why Australia ProsperedWhy Australia Prospered
World War Two on Film WW 2 Movie List

Note: at the bottom of each of the PDF notice the arrows which allow you to scroll through multiple pages.

Send your material with the name of the course to John Travers. Sent notes in Word, Pages or PDF format. I will convert them all to PDF which can be read by all. Please tell me whether new notes are replace­ment or addi­tional pages.