Guide for Tutors

1. Tutor Guide to UMAS *

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2. Room 4 Organisation

Room 4 tutors, please help 


This year, Room 4 is being used to capacity, with 3 sessions each day so it is critical that the room is left in a fit state for the following group. So a timely reminder is in order so that you and your class members know exactly what is expected.

It is not your role as a tutor to restore the room after your class, that is the role of the class members. That way you are not left with the task nor the office volunteers. 

Attached is the protocol which was drawn up by the Adelaide City Council in conjunc­tion with U3A and the Housing Trust (owners of the building) to meet current  OHS require­ments. It clearly outlines how Room 4 must be left by the last user group for the day.

 Please note that 

  • Chairs with arms must not be stacked but lined up against the front wall or the screen by the exit stairs. The exit must not be blocked.
  • Chairs without arms must be stacked in blocks of 5 or 6 facing the front wall and in 2 rows.
  • Trestles must be stowed between the gas heaters.
  • White board must be stowed in front of the table tennis tables.
  • Chairs with arms to have arms disinfected.
  • AV equipment relocated back into the cabinet and/or returned down­stairs unless you know the following class will need it.
  • All equipment must be put away after use, as the community uses the Box Factory after 4pm and on weekends.
  •  If your group meets at 10am or 12 noon, then please check with the office volun­teers to see who is using the room after your group and find out how many chairs they will require. Make sure addi­tional furniture and chairs are packed away.