Guide for Tutors

June 2021: Room 4 tutors, please help 


This year, Room 4 is being used to capacity, with 3 sessions each day so it is critical that the room is left in a fit state for the following group. So a timely reminder is in order so that you and your class members know exactly what is expected.

It is not your role as a tutor to restore the room after your class, that is the role of the class members. That way you are not left with the task nor the office volunteers. 

Attached is the protocol which was drawn up by the Adelaide City Council in conjunc­tion with U3A and the Housing Trust (owners of the building) to meet current  OHS require­ments. It clearly outlines how Room 4 must be left by the last user group for the day.

 Please note that 

  • Chairs with arms must not be stacked but lined up against the front wall or the screen by the exit stairs. The exit must not be blocked.
  • Chairs without arms must be stacked in blocks of 5 or 6 facing the front wall and in 2 rows.
  • Trestles must be stowed between the gas heaters.
  • White board must be stowed in front of the table tennis tables.
  • Chairs with arms to have arms disinfected.
  • AV equipment relocated back into the cabinet and/or returned down­stairs unless you know the following class will need it.
  • All equipment must be put away after use, as the community uses the Box Factory after 4pm and on weekends.
  •  If your group meets at 10am or 12 noon, then please check with the office volun­teers to see who is using the room after your group and find out how many chairs they will require. Make sure addi­tional furniture and chairs are packed away. 


Accessing the Database

Our website is the backbone for course inform­a­tion, enrol­ments and membership.

You have tutor access to student lists, venue inform­a­tion, class dates and emergency contact details for each student as well as enrol­ments and attend­ance Lists for your course(s).

In addition, you can have emails sent to you advising when a member is enrolled or removed from a course. The access needs to be selected for each Tutor, hence the System Administrator must be advised if a you wish to have these features enabled.

1.     Open our website at

2.     Click Courses/Member> Members Login.

3.     The Welcome page opens. Click Login.

Your browser may open this page in a new tab (right on the image below). To return to the main site, click the tab on the left.

4.     At Membership number or email, enter your email or Member number. Then enter your password.

5.     Click Login.

Because you have tutor status, you have automatic access to tools that relate to the course for which you are respons­ible. These tools are listed in the menu as Reports and Send Emails.

How to See What Courses We Offer

1.     In the menu on the left, click View Courses.

2.     The Select Course for details page opens.

3.     Courses with free places are white, new courses are green, blue course are full and if you enrol you will be put on a wait list.

4.     Point your mouse at a course to see details of current enrolments.

5.     Click the down arrow at Choose Classification to see courses by subject, eg Art, Movies.

6.     Click on any of the column headings, eg Course, Start, to sort by that heading.

7.     Click a course to see details of that course.

Enrolment or Removal from a Class

A member can be enrolled in a course by enrolling them­selves online or by being enrolled by the Office staff.

An automated email can be sent to you when a member enrols in your course(s). Contact the System Administrator,, or let the Office know if you want this feature available for your course(s). Here is a sample email received by a tutor on a member’s enrolment in a Course.

A member can be removed from a course only by the Office staff.

The member will receive an email from the member­ship system. An automated email is sent to you as the tutor when a member is removed from a course.


You will be able to access two of the Report tabs, Enrolments and Courses.

The Enrolments tab has 2 relevant sections.

1.     Enrolments lists the names and contact details of your students. Select the relevant course (you will see only the one(s) that you are respons­ible for). This tool is useful for monit­oring enrol­ments before your course commences.

2.     Attendance is where you find your attend­ance list for roll-marking. You can print this list and/or email it to yourself. If your attend­ance list doesn’t show the class dates and columns, please let the Administration team know by sending an email to  

Accessing Course Enrolments

Tutors can access their Course enrolment lists using these steps.

1.     Login to UMAS via the Adelaide U3A website (Member Login). Refer to the instruc­tions Accessing the Database on Page 1.

2.     Select Reports from left hand menu.  If the Reports menu item is not available please contact the Systems Administrator. 

3.     Click on the Enrolments tab.

4.     Click on the pulldown arrow against Choose a Course.

5.     Your Course(s) will be visible. Select the appro­priate course if there is more than one.

6.     Use the pulldown arrow against Choose a sort order to change the list order. Status refers to whether a member is Wait Listed. Those on a Wait List can be included or excluded in the List sorting.

7.     You can also email the report to yourself.

8.     Click the green List Enrolments button  and the list will be displayed.

9.     Use the Print button to print your Enrolment List.

Attendance Lists

1.     Click on the pulldown arrow against Choose a Course. Your course(s) will be visible. Select the appro­priate course(s).

2.     Select the start and end date for the attend­ance list; generally, term dates.

3.     Select Wait Listed and Extra Horizontal Lines as required as well as the Sort Order.

4.     Click Email the Tutor to create a PDF file which will be sent as an attach­ment to you.

3.     You will also see that you can add extra lines to the list; this is handy if more people join the course after term begins.

5.     Select the green Attendance button to display the list, including the dates on which the course will run.

6.     Note the Print button.

Sending Emails

As a tutor you can send emails to your class members.

Attachments can be added to the email. Please ensure that the attach­ment is a Word or PDF file.

1.     Click on Send Emails in the menu, and then select the Enrolments tab.

2.     Type your own email address in the first box. The system will collect your student email a dresses auto­mat­ic­ally. Add other email addresses (separated by a semi-colon) in the CC Field If you want a copy to go to anyone who is not in the class.

If you are expecting replies, please make sure that you insert your email address, otherwise replies will go to the U3A office and will take longer to be directed to you.

3.     Type the subject and message in the usual way. The Course Code or Description is not auto­mat­ic­ally inserted into the email. Therefore, it is best to type the Course Description in the Subject line.

4.     If you wish to person­alise the message you can insert the field [first_name] in the saluta­tion. If you wish to refer to their member numbers use [member_no]. Note the square brackets and under­score between the two words.

5.     You can add a pdf document that you have previ­ously saved on your computer. Click Browse to select your document.

6.     Select the class to send the email to from the Choose a Course pulldown menu.

7.     Click on any of the optional check­boxes. Email to tutor ensures that you get a copy too.

8.     Click the green Send Enrolment Emails button. You will be given an oppor­tunity to confirm or cancel before the email is actually sent. If Yes is selected the email will auto­mat­ic­ally be sent to the group of members. If No is selected the email will not be sent and the text can be altered for sending if necessary. Select Clear Text at the top of the screen.

9.     A list of email addresses will be shown on comple­tion including the total number sent as well as the cc: email address. Invalid emails will be returned as Failed to Deliver and these can be checked by the Office.

10.  Your email will go to all the people in your class provided that they have an email address. Check class names in Enrolments to see if anybody needs to be contacted in another way.

11.  You will notice a box below the message that says Restore a previous email. Once you have sent an email it can be retrieved to modify and resend. This is specific to you as the tutor and you cannot access emails sent by others.

If including an attach­ment to the email in this case, this must be selected after Save the email is clicked otherwise the attach­ment will be negated and you will need to reattach it.

Download the guide