By-laws of U3A-Adelaide Inc.

These By-Laws do not form a part of the U3A Adelaide Constitution. However, as policies estab­lished by the Board, they are binding on members. By-Laws are determ­ined and endorsed by the Board in the interests of best practice and may be amended by the Board at a formal meeting.

  1. Non U3A-Adelaide members
    1. a)  Anyone other than U3A Adelaide members, may enrol for one-off sessions only at a cost of $10 per session. An addi­tional fee for Out and About courses may also be appro­priate. Such fee does not entitle the visitor to any other member­ship rights. People using the visitor enrolment should be advised it may be more economic to pay a half year subscrip­tion, thus also obtaining member­ship rights.
    2. b)  Members from other branches may have associate member­ship for a fee of $40. Reciprocity is determ­ined by indi­vidual U3A branches.
  2. Half year enrol­ments
    Members may enrol for half a year (either half) for 50% of the current fee. July 1st is the cutoff point.
  3. Tutor Membership
    Tutor member­ship does not entitle enrolment in any other course, or in a position ofrespons­ib­ility, unless full/half year member­ship fees are paid.
  4. Life Membership
    1. a)  Once a member’s nomin­a­tion for Life Membership is approved, a paragraph, setting outthe reasons for making the award, should be incor­por­ated into the minutes of the Board.
    2. b)  A Life Members Minute Book is to be used to record inform­a­tion pertaining to the granting of Life Membership, along with any salient inform­a­tion and, where possible, a photo­graph. Individual pages should be used for each Life Member and that member’s name is to be recorded on the Honour Roll on the U3A Adelaide website.
    3. c)  A Life Membership badge should be presented to the nominated member at the AGM or other appro­priate time.
  5. Death Notices
    Only the deaths of long serving tutors or volun­teers will be recog­nized in the Newsletter

U3A Adelaide Board N ‑U3A Adelaide By-Laws 14/06/2020

6. Hot weather policy

  1. a)  During the summer months the cancel­la­tion of classes is at the discre­tion of the indi­vidual tutor. This may occur on an ad hoc basis or decided, in consulta­tion with class members, at the beginning of Session in which the course is held.Where it is an ad hoc decision members will be advised by the office, or the tutor, via email or phone.
  2. b)  Some venues used for Out and About classes have their own Hot Weather Policy and members will be advised of any cancel­la­tion via email or phone.
  1. Course contentU3A Adelaide does not endorse any courses which promote or endorse any partic­ular religious or political views, nor courses which promote or endorse any medical practices which purport to have bene­fi­cial outcomes, unless those practices have the full backing of main­stream medicine. U3A-Adelaide reserves the right to determine the type and content of courses offered as a part of their programme.
  2. Priority EnrolmentPriority in enrolment can be accessed by any member who has signi­ficant involve­ment in U3A Adelaide in the role of tutor, volunteer or formal committee member during the current year. This priority will be at the discre­tion of the Board.
  3. Member Re-enrolment
    1. a)  To maintain progres­sion in their learning, all current language students will be eligible tore-enrol in their ONE class in each language
    2. b)  Language students may not enrol in more than one class of any one language. They may enrol in courses for a number of different languages, although in no more than one of each.
    3. c)  Re-enrolment for other courses is at the discre­tion of the Board.
  4. Distribution of Third-party Information/AdvertisingWe do not seek or accept advert­ising in our public­a­tions or website, nor do we distribute third party inform­a­tion by email or letter. Links to inform­a­tion may be made available on the website at the discre­tion of the Board.