Board and Committees


  1. List of Board Members and Coordinators
  2. Board Member Profiles
  3. 2021 AGM Summary Report

President, Treasurer Robert Fletcher
Vice President, Public Officer, Member LiaisonKen Johns
SecretaryRaelene Wilsdon
Programme CoordinatorSue Garforth
Minute SecretaryCharmaine Kitson
Board MembersRoger Bills, Dorothy Heinrich, Alison Hodgetts, Juli Pullman, Lawrie Stanford
Programme CommitteeSue Garforth; Roger Bills; Ruth Dunne; Charmaine Kitson; Dorothy Heinrich; Pauline McCreery; Raelene Wilsdon; Juli Pullman, 
Out and About CoordinatorDorothy Heinrich
Office ManagerAlison Hodgetts
U3A Alliance Liaison (observer)Peter Ryan
Web Master (observer)John Travers


President: Robert Fletcher

Robert has been a member of U3A Adelaide since 2015 when he joined one of Marisa Baldassi’s Italian classes. This year he started taking a course entitled Musical Explorations with a first theme around Beethoven’s 250th birthday. (He anti­cip­ates this course will be a continuing one as he aims to share his extensive CD collec­tion with other music lovers!) Robert began his profes­sional life in admin­is­trative roles at Flinders University and then Sturt College before moving to a State Government statutory authority. This was subsequently absorbed into the State public service where Robert served in a number of corporate manage­ment and policy Executive roles in various Government Agencies finishing as 2IC at the Office of Sustainability. On taking early retire­ment in 2005 he became an on air programmer and presenter at community radio station 5MBS where he soon found that his skills could be used with their Board — taking on the role of Secretary and then Treasurer before leaving the station four years ago. Also since retiring, he has been an active member of the Rostrevor Lions Club serving a term as President and where he has been Treasurer for a number of years. He has also been taking a course, Music Through the Ages, at Campbelltown U3A since 2013. He has qual­i­fic­a­tions in Applied Mathematic and Accounting.

Vice President: Ken Johns

Ken has been a member of U3A Adelaide for the past 5 years and has been very active in the Philosophy Study Group.  His profes­sional life was in admin­is­tra­tion, business and marketing manage­ment, in some of SA’s leading busi­nesses in the elec­trical and other indus­tries. He has conducted training programs for Management Consultants, TAFE, WEA and other organ­iz­a­tions.  Ken has also served on several commit­tees, including the Rotary Club of Adelaide, Probus Club, and has been Past President of Rostrum Club, Adelaide Chapter.

Secretary Raelene Wilsdon

Raelene began her working life at the Electricity Trust, then moved to an Accountant’s office for the next  9 years until her first child arrived.  After 11 years at home with her family, doing volunteer work in the school library, she returned to the workforce as a site secretary on several large building sites around Adelaide and the last 20 working years as Office Manager and Human Resource Officer in a large civil engin­eering company.   Raelene enjoys trav­el­ling with her husband, reading, painting, theatre, cooking and the many history discus­sions held at the U3A.  She hopes that her enjoyment of life and ability to commu­nicate with people will be of use to the committee.

Alison Hodgetts

Alison joined U3A halfway through 2013.  Since then she has become very enthu­si­astic about the place.  She began by working in the office, one day a week and has gradually picked up other days. As a Board member she this is one other way she contrib­utes to U3A.  As a retired nurse, she feels she has a lot to offer in a practical way. 

Programme Committee

Co-ordinator Sue Garforth

Dorothy Heinrich

Dorothy’s previous working life was as an academic, lecturing and tutoring in physiology and patho­physiology.  Her main interests are in people and other cultures, which have led her on journeys with her husband to diverse places.  An interest in genealogy led her to journeys of a different kind — voyages of discovery into the past.  Dorothy enjoys writing; her family history won South Australian Genealogy and Heraldry Society’s T. T. Reed Award in 2007, while a second book, ‘The Man Who Hunted Whales: A tale of Kangaroo Island and a doomed ship’ has also been published.

Pauline McCreery

Former President of U3A Adelaide and current Web Master for both U3A Adelaide and U3A SA.  She is also a Volunteer in the Office, a member of the Program Committee and tutors in computer-based fields.  Pauline had a 25 year teaching career in the Education Department, Catholic Education and TAFE, and is mainly inter­ested in computing, travel, croquet, theatre, reading, good food and wine, as well as being a grandmother.

Julie Pulman

Charmaine Kitson

Raelene Wilsdon

Audio Visual Co-ordinator Roger Bills

Roger is a retired mech­an­ical engineer.  His interests, other than U3A, include Rostrum, a Public Speaking organ­isa­tion where he is espe­cially involved with the technical side of present­a­tions (usually PowerPoint) and the devel­op­ment of effective present­a­tion skills.  At the U3A he has been involved with obtaining and improving the AV (audio visual) equipment, including Data Presenters, screens, CD players and personal ampli­fic­a­tion equipment. So his back­ground is both technical and practical.

U3A SA Alliance Liaison Peter Ryan


Web Manager John Travers

John spent most of his working life as a school principal. His final role in the Education Department was as Manager of the Technology School of the Future. He then worked for some years as a lecturer at Flinders University and for an educa­tional computing company.

2021 AGM Report

Annual General Meeting held April 9 2021

Summary Report

The Annual General Meeting received the Audited Financial Statements for 2020 which show that the Association continues to be in a healthy financial position. Total income for the year was down slightly, largely due to a small reduction in member­ships (which can be attrib­uted to the pandemic) and a reduction in interest received, reflecting the general situation regarding interest rates at present. Expenses were also down espe­cially in areas affected by the lockdown such as property running costs and computer expenses. The overall result was an increase in net income for the year. On the balance sheet total assets reduced with an increase in (non cash) accu­mu­lated depre­ci­ation increasing (as can be expected) repres­enting a large part of the fall. However a large drop in current liab­il­ities due to a substan­tial fall in pre-paid member­ships meant that the total equity (worth) of the Association increased a little over the year. Members who are interest in more detail can ask at the office for a copy of the statements.