There is a range of audio/visual equipment to assist course present­a­tion.

U3A Trolley mounted TVs available for class use.

Standard set-up

We have two trolleys with large TVs fixed to them. Also on each trolley are a laptop PC and a DVD/Blu-Ray video player, with appro­priate asso­ci­ated remote controls.

The TVs will take inputs from:

  • HDMI (the current universal standard
  • Composite Video (using RCA plugs). Not normally used nowadays.
  • Component Video (using RCA plugs). Also not normally used nowadays.
  • Normally the TVs are cable-connected to their asso­ci­ated equipment:

1. HDMI 1 to the laptop PC.

2. HDMI 2 to the DVD / Blu-Ray video disc player.


If you have an iPad

Apple Lightning to HDMI

There is no inbuilt connec­tion for Apple/Mac PCs or for iPads or iPhones. However, suitable Lightning to HDMI connectors are readily available (eg at Officeworks, Harvey Norman etc.). If you need one of these please bring your own, as they are highly losable and those held at the U3A can myster­i­ously disappear in the twinkling of an eye, leaving you stranded. 

The Lightning at the top plugs into your iPad or iPhone and the big HDMI end receives the connec­tion to the TV.

These small connec­tion pieces allow the HDMI cable to be used, and a perfect image/sound output sent to the TV.

Need more help?

Please let the Office know if you need addi­tional assist­ance, letting them know, in writing, and the Office will contact me. It is important to know:

  1. the nature of help wanted
  2. the equipment you want to use
  3. the class and timing: and of course
  4. your contact details.


Some users discon­nect the cables to attach them to their laptop etc but never restore them, so please check that the cables are appro­pri­ately connected before you start.

Please don’t be surprised if someone before you has altered some, or all, of the conven­tional settings! Just plug them in where they ought to go.


Roger Bills

AV Coordinator

CD and Blue Ray Zone Settings