Armchair Circle Dancing

WHEN: Mondays 12noon — 1:30pm

FREQUENCY: Fortnightly starting 13/7/20

WHERE:  At home: Enrol under Courses and then email Lyn for the zoom link at

WHO: Open to all U3A Adelaide members — no exper­i­ence required

BENEFITS: Circle Dancing is a wonderful way to exercise body, mind & spirit to some wonderful uplifting music from around the world just right for your health & wellbeing needs during covid-19 restrictions.

APPROACH: You decide how you’re going to parti­cipate whether it’s sitting in your chair the whole time & moving your arms & legs to the music or whether you do a combin­a­tion of moving both standing & sitting or whether you’re on your feet the whole time.  Personally, I find sitting & moving my arms & feet while I’m learning the dance watching the teacher on the screen & following her instruc­tions & then after a couple of rounds of the dance while the music is playing I usually find I want to rise to my feet & dance around in my own space knowing that there are others dancing with me at the same time — a great feeling & connection.

WHAT IS CIRCLE DANCING: It is the dance of life that grew out of Folk Dancing reflecting the seasons of life in the village. Circle Dancing is a simpli­fic­a­tion of Folk Dancing so it can be learnt & enjoyed easily (minutes rather than hours) & utilises the basic folk dance steps such as walking, swaying, step touch, grapevine, slip step (like jigging or skipping). Unlike Folk Dancing, we also move our arms in Circle Dancing.

“SOCIAL DISTANCING” CIRCLE DANCING: Circle Dancing has been adapted right around the world to meet covid-19 restric­tions & so no handholds & just right for us at home alone in our armchairs dancing away.  Also means that when we do return to the dance floor we’re well prepared from our armchair endeavours.